Welcome to the online home of the Tribe of the Oak Druid Grove, founded on Samhain, 2014. The Tribe of Oak Grove is a Celtic Reconstructionist Druid Grove that seeks to preserve and pass on the traditional ways of the ancient Celts.

This group is by application only, please request to join the Grove only if you are seriously seeking to be a member and are prepared to study towards Druidic initiation.

We are an on-line study group with members across the globe. We occasionally meet in person for Grove meetings and seasonal rites, mostly in Western Massachusetts. The Archdruid for the Grove is Ellen Evert Hopman, author and Druid Priestess, who lives in a New England oak forest.


We are the “People of the Oak”. Oak trees are sacred to all cultures across the European continent and sacred to all cultures that these magnificent trees dwell in.

We have gathered together here to help connect our thoughts and our ideas on what the ancestors may have believed and how they may have worshiped. We discuss the books we are reading and share resources, rites, and the ideas and inspirations of our collective Grove energy.

We are a Celtic Reconstructionist Druid Order which means we base our study and practice on ancient Celtic traditions and readings. The work starts with an extensive reading list and then progresses to one-on-one study with your foster. Most people take about three years to finish. There are hands-on, non-literary tasks, tools to make, and seasonal projects in addition to the basic reading.

Our training materials are very Irish based, using 7th century writings. Once the work is done there is initiation, and then a major focus is chosen which the initiate pledges to master and teach for the rest of their life.