The Land celebration – Pan Druid Retreat

May 8, 2014 – May 11, 2014 all-day
Gore, Va
VA 22637

This year’s theme: Approaching the Sacred.

No person can truly know what is sacred to another. In ancient times, the adjective “sacred” was used to describe people, places, and events that lay beyond the “apparent world” and included both the holy and the profane. In modern times, the term is more closely associated with the holy. Down the centuries, people of great heart, devotion, mind, and discipline have devoted their lives to exploring the meaning of sacred and have arrived at different destinations.

Their quest to learn the nature of what is sacred has not left us with any final answer, but it has provided us with a rich set of paths — traditions, teachings, and practices that each of us may use in our own quests. This retreat is designed to enable the participants to learn about, examine, and discuss some of these paths.

There will be three discussion panels – Approaching the Sacred through  Nature, the Otherworld, and Ritual . We have an amazing and highly diverse group to participate in the panel discussions. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions, and are all highly experienced and well respected practitioners of their paths.

In addition, there will be opening/closing rituals and a Norse Oracular Seidh rite. As part of the work of the gathering, we will craft and perform a ritual to acknowledge the tree portal that we investigated last year at The Land Celebration. The stewards of the land advised us that they began work improving the area at the tree portal, but were asked by the Land Keeper Spirits to wait until the Druids returned.

Pan Druid Retreat is for people who are:

  • committed to an earth-based spirituality;
  • dedicated to learning and exploring;
  • Druids, whether by affiliation or practice;
  • Neo-Pagans;
  • and/or Solitaries

This retreat, which is an annual event, is geared for intermediate to advanced practitioners.

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