Flame Tenders Cill

Tuatha na Dara – Garrán na Brighid – Cill na Teine
Tribe of the Oak – Grove of Brighid – Flame Tenders Cill

Tribe of the Oak now has a Flame Tenders group in honor of the Goddess Brighid.

“Garrán na Brighid – Cill na Teine” is the sacred gathering of Druids and aspiring Druids dedicated to the Goddess Brighid and the Celtic traditions as taught by the Tribe of the Oak.

“How does the Flame Tending work? It is the act of keeping a candle which is dedicated to Brighid alight on your altar, shrine or hearth in rotating vigils which last 24 hours, starting at sunset on the date listed for each vigil shift and completing the vigil at sunset the following evening. Your name will be added to the vigil roster when you join us and we will assign you to a regular shift.”

You need to be a member of Tribe of the Oak to participate – send us an email if interested or join our Facebook group.

Email: moondragon5@hotmail.com

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821598894535758/

Founded Samhain 2019

Image used with permission by Artist