Borrowing Books from the Ord na Darach Gile Library

Books may be borrowed from the library on the following conditions:

  1. Only approved current members of the Ord na Darach Gile (the Order of the White Oak), active apprentices of the Druid Grove of Two Coasts, and approved current members of the Tribe of Oak may borrow books from this library. Their names and contact information must be submitted to the Order librarian, WolfThorn, at, by leading elders of these groups prior to any books being loaned. Once they are on the list of approved borrowers a list of the library’s books will be sent to them. Updated lists will also be sent out periodically.


  1. One book at a time may be borrowed by an approved member for a period of 30 days before it must be returned to the library. Two week extensions may be granted by the librarian upon request. Books must be returned promptly by the end of the loan period, and the book must be received by the librarian before another book will be sent out to the same member.


3. The borrower will pay all shipping costs for mailing books to them, and returning books back to the library.


  1. The borrower is also responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of all damaged or lost books and outstanding debts for lost or damaged books must be paid before any subsequent books will be loaned to the borrower.


Note: If borrowing members appreciate this library service of the Ord na Darach Gile, donations in any amount will be gratefully accepted at any time and applied to the purchase of additional books to add to the library.



Dealg MacTire (WolfThorn), OWO Librarian September, 2014

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