Opening the Assembly

Opening the Assembly

In ancient times it was the custom that a Druid should speak first at any assembly. At a general assembly, whether of Druids or of non Druids, the Druids shall elect one of their number to be
Chief Druid if only for the duration of the assembly.

It will be the duty and honor of the Chief Druid to open the assembly.

The Chief Druid shall shake a golden chain or ring a bell branch to bring the assembly to silence. Then shall the Chief Druid consecrate the gathering by invoking the Gods and the Three Worlds.

The Chief Druid may rely on her/his Imbas to speak the invocation.

Or he/she may speak as follows;

“In the names of Land, Sea and Sky. In the names of Danu, Mother of the Gods and of In Daghda, Father to the Druids, I declare this assembly open. I ask that Oghma bless the speakers with eloquence and that Brighid bless them with inspiration. May each leave with a lightening of burdens and a clear direction for their path”.

Also, and especially in times of need;

“Land, Sea, and Sky protect the people. Those who are above and those who are below protect the people. Ancestors be with us now!”

Copyright 1999, Ellen Evert Hopman