Rite of Sword Blessing

An unmarried woman shall dress in celebratory garb and wait in her bedchamber. Druids, kinsfolk or other officiants shall process to the unmarried woman’s chamber, carrying a newly forged sword and its scabbard. It shall be wrapped well in a covering of cloth or leather. At the foot of the unmarried woman’s bed shall the Druids or other officiants unwrap the sword. A male officiant shall raise the sword while a female officiant lifts the mattress. Then shall the male officiant place the sword under the mattress. Both the female and the male officiant shall then chant a rest benediction in unison, for the benefit of the unmarried woman;

“Blessings of the Moon above you Blessings of the Earth below you Blessings on your kin Blessings on everything upon which your eye does rest Blessings on everything upon which your hope does rest Blessings on your thinking and your purpose Blessings on your bed companion Blessings on your hand’s work Sky, Sea and Gods defend you.”

Then shall a cup of joy (ale, wine or mead) be handed to the unmarried woman and the company of Druids and other celebrants shall depart until dawn. The owner of the newly forged sword shall pass the night in silent vigil, meditating on the question;

“Whom do you serve”.

At the first singing of the birds the Druids or kin shall awake the woman. The intended owner of the newly forged sword shall approach the home of the unmarried woman who shall rise, standing with the sheathed sword in her arms. The owner of the new sword shall kneel before her, visualizing the woman as the Earth and as Sovereignty. Then shall the woman speak;

“Welcome, and here is your weapon, freely given from my hand to yours. Use it with justice in defense of Truth, the Earth, and of the people”.

Or if it be a ceremonial blade she shall say;

“Welcome, and here is your Sword of Light, freely given from my hand to yours. May it bring Truth, Reverence and Certitude to your rituals”.

Holding up his hands to receive the new blade the warrior or Priest shall respond;

“Lady, I thank you for this new blade. I will use it to serve the land, Truth and the people as long as I have life”.

Then shall the sword owner go to a secluded area to sit with the sword and divine its true name. At noon shall he unsheathe it and present it to the Sun, speaking its name aloud for the first time. After dark shall he again unsheathe the sword and present it to the Moon, uttering its name aloud. Then shall the sword be consecrated.

Copyright 1999, Ellen Evert Hopman