Aengus Og

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Son of An Dagda,

Son of Boann,

Beloved of Etain,

Fostered of Elcmar,

Fostered of Midhir,

Favoured of Manannan,

He who is begotten and born betwixt dawn and dusk,

Possessor of the Brug,

He who drinks the Ale of Immortality,

Ever-young one,


Bringer of kine,

Protector of heroes,

Father of the Red Branch,

He of the many exploits,

Mighty and stern,

Warrior of the battle squadrons,

Red armed,

Master of the beautiful voice,

Wielder of Moraltach,

Guardian of lovers,

He who brings forth love,

He who returns life,

He who avenges dishonour,

Voice of poets.

© Rob Smith


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