An Dagda

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  • The Dagda
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  • NOMENA OF AN DAGDAThe good god,

    Red one of great knowledge,

    Sweet-sounding radiant king,

    Noble one,

    Blazing lustrous one

    Skilled in all arts,

    Strong vehement mighty one,

    Great warrior of the belly,

    He who is broader than half a plain,

    Fiery yellow one,

    Horned man,

    Large bellied one,

    Lord of the good earth,

    Ruler of powerful land,

    Man of the mountains,

    He who enumerates judgements,

    Giver of true judgement,

    Just-dealing lord of the feast,

    He who has the wholeness of knowledge,

    Champion of the host,

    He of the battering blows,

    First warrior of battle

    Master of injurious craft,

    Wielder of power,

    The striker,

    Giver of life and death,

    Horse-rider Ample Father,

    Father of passion,

    Builder of forts,

    Maker of the 12 plains,

    Channeller of the 12 rivers,

    Vanquisher of the Darkness of The Ocean,

    Defender of nuadha,

    Slayer of cirb,

    Preserver of flesh,

    He who cries tears of blood,

    He who bears the dead,

    He who stays the sun,

    Harper of the three strains,

    Lover of Boann,

    Leader of cattle,

    Possessor of the oak of two meadows.

    By Robert Smith ©


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